The Weegie Dead

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

What if Glasgow was over-run by zombies? Not Philadelphia, not some made-up place, but Glasgow? That is the idea behind The Weegie Dead, a collaborative zombie gorefest centred on the people and places of Glasgow.

It will be bounced around Glasgow Writers, like pass-the-parcel. Just for fun, but we’ll see what happens.

So far… the police have discovered the corpse of “Bucky” McFast, a jakey* with a reputation as unkillable, due to his intake of intoxicating substances. The death is attributed to a new street drug called “Rip” or “Ripper” which burns out its users faster than anything else on the street.

As the lawyers argue over the disposal of Bucky’s corpse and estate (he is, in fact, the disgraced Angus Horatio Buckingham-McFast, of the Buckingham-McFasts), something twitches beneath the mortuary shroud…

Coming soon… corpses rise from the Necropolis and break out from the glass cases of the Anatomy Museum. What will happen next? Will Glaswegians barricade the Buchanan Centre? What about the Old Firm games? These, and many more, questions to be answered sometime soon…

*Jakey = tramp, down-and-out, usually laid low by alcohol and/or drugs


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