Magick – Chapter Two

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Horror, Novels

I’m making good progress now. Chapter Two is complete.

One of the characters has met a grisly end. I’ve changed the severed goat’s head to a severed pig’s head, there is a whispering skull in an Aga, and a walking corpse has dragged itself from Loch Ness to come knocking with waterlogged knuckles, after a bizarre dream of underwater pyramid-cities.

That’s the horror bits.

There is an unfolding backstory: as drunken students, the characters did something stupid one Hallowe’en. This incident has followed them through their lives, to varying degrees.

The protagonist’s struggle with depression has also been revealed: this causes him to doubt the horrific images he is glimpsing.

There is also the story of the former owner, one Aleister Crowley, whose occupation of Boleskine a century ago gave rise to many local rumours including a chair that moved by itself, a severed head and a butcher who lost the fingers from one hand after interrupting a ritual.

The first night is drawing to an end as dawn creeps above the mist-shrouded horizon. Day 2 beckons, when the full realisation of the horror will be unveiled.


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