Magick – 1000 words forward, two steps back

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Horror, Novels
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This is a bit of an engine-room post for writery types and horror fans.

Fuelled with enthusiasm, at reaching 20,000 words and Night 2 in the House, I knocked out 1,000 words.

However, I hit a brick wall. Not “writers block” (which does not exist, in my opinion, just go and write something else) but one of those holes in the wrong place, in which you need to stop digging.

I’ve jumped forward a night. To cut a long(ish) story short, the nervous friends have decided to share a bedroom on Night 2. They doze off and two of them have erotic dreams, waking to find themselves naked with each other. After recovering from the shock, the trio decide to take turns at staying awake.

However, the shadow of a piglike creature appears outside, legs silhouetted through the gap at the bottom of the door, scraping the floor, grunting, growing bigger, smashing itself against the door. The three friends escape through the window, just as the beast breaks through. They are chased by a hellish hound and witness the spectacle of Leviathan rising from Loch Ness, encountering their decaying lost friend as they ponder escaping through the woods. They creep around the hillside, but see the shape of Baphomet atop the crest of the hill. So they decide to creep back down the hillside, avoiding dog and walking corpse, ending up… err… back at the house they ran away from. I chucked in a cheap plot device about the door hanging open with the pig-demon clearly absent, but it just does not work in my head.

I like it, but it does not work! It is Night 3 stuff. On Night 2, the horrors are still veiled or possible brief hallucinations. They need to stay in the house, and other stuff needs to happen.

So, it is time to step back from the page, and look at this in different ways. I think I need to reorder the chapters again, using the degrees (1=10 etc) for the present day happenings and working in the historical elements slightly differently. They need a trip to the graveyard to liven up the first bit of the story. I need to re-read Jake Arnott’s “The Devil’s Paintbrush” to renew my sense of Crowley’s character and turn-of-the-century Paris. I need to start working in the four elements of the ritual. Time to put the Night 3 stuff to one side, at least for the moment.


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