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It’s been a while…

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Novels

Okay, “Magick” news first. Now at 40,000 words and an early first draft. Chapters 1 and 2 are shaping up okay.

In other news: my story “Billy Boys” will be performed at an upcoming “Outside Thoughts” event, on 13 September (I think) in Glasgow. It will also be published by New Voices Press in their forthcoming anthology.

The writing goes on…. as well as “Magick”, I’ve started a novel/novella called “Surge”. This is based on a short story I did, which won a prize, but I gave up the prize to keep first rights on the story.

The idea of “Surge” is this: a sinister cult leader is executed, after trying to baptise people with electricity… fittingly, the Reverend Adam Thales chooses to die in the electric chair. At the moment of his death, the lights go out across the world and a massive surge of electricity engulfs the globe, killing billions.

The survivors must come to terms with the aftermath and they quickly discover two things that make their struggle worse. Firstly, whenever they use electricity, it stimulates the recently-dead into frenzied life and attracts them to the source like moths to a flame. And there is something else happening in the world…. lightning flashes in a thunderous sky as the resurrected Thales gathers his forces in search of the Node, where the energy-carrying ley lines of the world converge….