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Write Into 2013

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

ImageGood Lord! It’s 2013 already. Where has the time gone? 

Well, 2012 was a busy year. There were publication successes, with short stories appearing in Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1 (‘Valley of Death’), Tales of the Sword (‘The Tale of Cuchulainn’ and ‘King For A Day’) and Shorelines (‘Billy Boys’) anthologies. Many thanks to Matt Hilton, Dorothy Davies and the Federation of Writers Scotland, for choosing these stories.

The Japanese anthology A Thousand Cranes featured at Cargo Publishing’s Margins Festival earlier this year. Also, my short story ‘Billy Boys‘ featured at an Outside Thoughts event and is available as a podcast with ‘excessive swearing’.

I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the first time…. since last year, when I stood on my laptop halfway through the month! The resulting story ‘Demon Eyes‘ is complete (53,000 words) and halfway through a first edit (will probably end up at 60,000 as I usually write too little and too fast first time around). It will be released by me this year, for free or a nominal price, as 2013 is the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War and the antagonist of the novel is none other than demonic former Prime Minister Tony Blair, literally Hell-bent on seizing power in Europe.

The other work-in-progress is called Magick, and features four friends who arrange a weekend break at Boleskine House on Loch Ness, drawn by its macabre reputation as one-time residence of ‘black magician’ Aleister Crowley. Past and present collide with horrific consequences as they unravel the secret of the Abra-melin demon summoning ritual conducted over a century earlier. This should be finished in early 2013.

New stories include two novella-length ‘things’ set in urban dystopia and haunted Japan. Both of these need a lot of work! Got a handful of other ideas as well, all horror. So, once Demon Eyes and Magick are done, it’ll be onto something new, which will be welcome.

Last year, it was good to see fellow scribblers Lynsey May (New Writers Award), Gill Hoffs (too much to mention!) and Emma Briant (academia) succeed in the fiction and non-fiction worlds. Glasgow Writers Group has been enjoyable, as has Weegie Wednesday, for anyone looking to get involved in the world of words. I also enjoyed Tales from the Mall by Ewan Morrison, which has quite an overlap with my day job, and he now has a year’s supply of Glenfiddich to get through. Well done to everyone else who has persevered over the last twelve months.

And, finally, By The Sword is performing respectably. A few hundred copies have been sold, which isn’t bad in the world of independent publishing versus big publishing, with no significant media exposure or high street presence. Wild Wolf Publishing are a great outfit, promoting dark and edgy fiction for those brave enough to read it.

Best of luck to all for 2013!