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Posted: July 8, 2012 in Novels, Thriller


A British Army unit in Afghanistan suffers bloody losses because of political bungling… but they stumbles upon a cache of weapons, explosives and money.


Disaffection and economic hardship is widespread.

Tax rises and cutbacks are biting, and jobs are scarce.

The political classes are increasingly privileged, detached…and hated.

When some Members of Parliament are killed in a series of apparent gas explosions, it doesn’t take long for the conspiracy of assassination to become public.

After the initial shock, public resentment boils over into sympathy for the killers, identified as rogue veterans of Britain’s recent wars.

Civil liberties are curtailed in a race against time to catch the assassins.

But what is the real conspiracy behind the plot, aimed at Britain’s 650 MPs?


Valley of Death

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Anthology, Thriller
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ACTION: PULSE POUNDING TALES is an extravaganza of action pulled together by Matt Hilton, creator of the thrill-packed Joe Hunter series. Among other writers, it will feature the well-known Stephen Leather … and a character new to action fiction.

My story “Valley of Death” introduces Earl Steele, a Vietnam veteran who travels to the Deep South on a personal mission of honour, driven by a debt forged in war a few years earlier. Haunted by the memory of a battle and a sacrifice, he has a run-in with bigoted and brutal law enforcement officers, ending in a bloodbath in the Valley of Death, eerily similar to the events burned into Steele’s memory. The story makes “First Blood” look like a teddy-bear picnic 😉

This anthology will be released in May… grab it like a grenade when it comes out….