Short Stories

Published short stories

MiraDark Tales vol XV… A Japanese schoolboy discovers a haiku: place two mirrors facing each other at sunset… what is the mirror-demon myth of the wicked monk Obuko?

Scavenger HuntRhonny Reaper’s Roadkill Café Anthology… A car breakdown leads to a savage hunt ending in crossbows and taxidermy.

Cat BiteDeadication… A man is bitten by a dead cat and slowly decays in front of his family.

Preacher ManMorpheus Tales Urban Horror Special… A preacher rants on the corner of a Glasgow street… how is he linked to the death of a planning officer investigating a derelict church?

Soul BidderSoup of Souls… A student sells his soul for beer!

Storm Coming DownHoliday of the Dead, Wild Wolf Publishing… A research trip into the cemeteries of New Orleans coincides with Hurricane Katrina and the unleashing of the undead, led by the whip-wielding corpse of a long-dead slaver.

Handling SnakesStory Book, Unbound Press... This literary tale takes us to a sweltering sermon and a precocious preacher handling snakes, hinting at secrets beneath the flesh.

Saigo and the SpiderA Thousand Cranes, Cargo Publishing… The tale of Saigo Takamori, legendary rebel samurai of Japan, retold through the myth of Robert the Bruce and the spider.

On Christmas EveMorpheus Tales Christmas Special… A sinister delivery, one Christmas Eve, as a child lies awake.

Bark and BiteBlack Hound Publishing... A chainsaw-carrying farmer stumbles upon a bizarre scene involving a tree-man.

Suction100 Horrors, Cruentus Libri… You’ll never look at a Dyson the same way again!

Horror Stories
Arachne… why is a woman obsessed with spiders?
The Faceless… lost in Tokyo, a Western women begs a geisha for help… and screams as she slowly turns her head.
The Devil Dines Out… A sinister visitor to a Midwest diner wants more than what is on the menu.
The Art of Death… Preserved corpses slowly stir in a German art museum, moved by the ghosts of Cold War conspiracy.
The Occasional Keeper... What rose from the sea and stole the lives of three lighthouse keepers, a century ago?
Feast of Fools… The secret lives of clowns and the horror behind the greasepaint.
Black Christmas… One Christmas, power meets devil-worship in the catacombs of London.
The Fleshless… A flesh-stealing corpse seizes the chance to prolong its undeath.
Ink… What happens when a man asks a tattooist to ink Hell on his skin?
Spider… The tattooist’s needle dances again, with a “special commission” on each of a thug’s hand.
The Worm’s Embrace… A thrill-seeker finds more than he bargains for when he goes corpse-hunting in urban squalor.
The Clown Who Smiles... A young couple flag down a minibus full of clowns… and wish they hadn’t!
In The Blood… Trainspotting meets Dracula.
His Master’s Voice… Two aging rock stars feud over a demonic tape.
Death Cell… In a prison, a certain cell is shunned by prisoners and staff alike.
King For A Day… Two students discover a summer idyll in the Highlands… and its secret.
Beyond The Void… HP Lovecraft, quantum physics and a scientist seeking refuge on the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War.
Butcher’s Choice… A sordid affair, a butcher’s assistant disappears, and something special appears on the menu.
Blood In The Moonlight… Boy vampires are no match for the proper undead!
Behind The Screen… A scientific experiment looks at the “bad places” shunned by people… and casts aside the veil of sanity.
The Tale of Cuchulainn… The Celtic hero fights undead sea-monsters with a powerful weapon.
Red Robin… Robin Hood and his bloodsucking men lurk in the dark forests of Sherwood.
Pyramid of the Cybermen… What happens when Tom Baker films Dr Who in the British Museum with a cursed mummy-case?
More Important than Life And Death… A bankrupt football manager owes more than he can ever repay… except with his life!
Not Horror (honest!)
Billy Boys… The Orange marching season brings forth turbulent feelings in a conflicted and alienated young man.
Hashira Saki… Two lighthouse keepers struggle to raise the alarm when a tsunami threatens the coast of Japan.
Border Land… A girl seeks to flee a repressive United States.
Mister Snuckles… A shrilly hysterical and homicidal cat tells his story.
The Stash… Three boys fight it out over a stash of pornographic magazines, in the 1980s, in the style of ‘The Good The Bad and the Ugly’.
Flash Fiction
Under the Rainbow
Twelve Days
No Crib For A Bed
White Christmas

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