Edgetown is the borderland between the city and oblivion.  

Greasy alleys and grim backstreets twist away from the main streets into the darkness. If you follow the signs, arcane graffiti, dust-swirls, flapping posters, rusty sludge trickling in the gutter, you will find your way to its darkest depths.

Sometimes you may find your way unwittingly or unwillingly, driven by curiosity, temptation or simply by blind panic.

A bloody series of stories intersect in this grim urban wasteland….

… a tattooist is commissioned to ink an image of Hell on a wealthy young man

… a gangster called Spider also decides to adorn his body

… the elusive crime-lord Blane senses a threat to his grim empire

… a teenager clambers through ruined buildings, seeking an opportunity to photograph a corpse

… a woman investigates a sinister derelict church

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