What secrets haunt Boleskine House, on the black shore of Loch Ness?

… in 1745, on this site, Redcoats burned a church and its congregation to ashes…

… half a century later, Archibald Fraser built a house, Boleskine, on the ruins…

… in 1899, occultist Aleister Crowley bought the house from the Fraser family, following a weekend of terror…

… Crowley used Boleskine as a temple for the Abramelin Ritual, the invocation of his Guadian Angel and the control of demonic forces…

…But Crowley interrupted the ritual, at the behest of a fellow magician, with dire consequences …

… a butcher severs his hand, a housekeeper vanishes, a man commits suicide, starving pigs stampede, mysterious creatures prowl, unearthly mists shroud the village, rumours abound of a secret passageway to the nearby graveyard and strange presences including a ghostly severed head…

So, what happens when four friends stay for a weekend reunion?

What secrets exist in their past, to tempt forth the demons of Boleskine?

Will any of them survive three nights of terror in Boleskine House?

MAGICK…coming soon.

  1. iainspaton says:

    Word count now 11,250 thanks to some time on the train this morning!

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  3. gaar says:

    Its a nice serene place 🙂 well worth the visit.

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