Toxoplasma gondii.

A bacterium that controls the minds of its hosts…

Linked to schizophrenia…

Spread from cats to humans…

It infects a billion people worldwide…

85 British cases in the first quarter of 2011…

what if?

2012. London is preparing for the Olympics. In a university laboratory, a scientist is working on a genetically modified bacterium to treat schizophrenia. Animal rights activists break into the laboratory and release the animals, which are quickly recaptured… except for one cat.

Over the next few days, it spreads, from cat to cat… and to humans…

… pets launch frenzied attacks on their owners

… carnage in a vet’s consulting room

… a bloodbath at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

… bloody chaos on the London Underground… prime-time slaughter in a TV newsroom

… not even death stops these infected and blood-crazed cats and humans

A panic-stricken government plans a genocidal solution…. can they be stopped?

A tribute to the classic horror writer James Herbert, and a gore-flecked return to the horror classics of the 1970s…COMING SOON.


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