The Terror

Paris, 1793… The Terror

The guillotine’s silver blade crashes downwards under doom-laded volcanic skies, dispatching another of the Damned to Hell.  Under pressure from the fervent mobs, Robespierre and Danton plan the execution of bloodsucking Marie-Antoinette… will the conspiracy of the Red Carnation stop them?

London, 1888… Autumn of Terror

Bloody Knife is cutting a swathe through the undead prostitutes ofLondon, with his gore-flecked silver blade. What is the conspiracy behind Jack the Ripper, and who is the Chinese mastermind of this carnage?

 St Petersburg, 1916… The Red Terror

The Tsarevitch Alexei is dying of a blood disorder, hidden in the dark recesses of the WinterPalace. Only one man can keep him… the holy man and healer Rasptin, who visits only by night. What is his secret?

What bloody thread of history links these three eras? What carnage will explode in the wake of The Terror?

Coming soon….


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