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Valley of Death

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Anthology, Thriller
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ACTION: PULSE POUNDING TALES is an extravaganza of action pulled together by Matt Hilton, creator of the thrill-packed Joe Hunter series. Among other writers, it will feature the well-known Stephen Leather … and a character new to action fiction.

My story “Valley of Death” introduces Earl Steele, a Vietnam veteran who travels to the Deep South on a personal mission of honour, driven by a debt forged in war a few years earlier. Haunted by the memory of a battle and a sacrifice, he has a run-in with bigoted and brutal law enforcement officers, ending in a bloodbath in the Valley of Death, eerily similar to the events burned into Steele’s memory. The story makes “First Blood” look like a teddy-bear picnic 😉

This anthology will be released in May… grab it like a grenade when it comes out….