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The Stories We Weave

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Novels

Not that long ago, I was seized by a novel concept: Hokusai the Exorcist. Great, and I’ve done some work on it, but my mind has pogo-sticked elsewhere since then. Not once, but twice.

I’ve had a story in mind based on an Ancient Egyptian curse from the Second World War. An idea jumped into my head which has turned it into a workable concept. So “The Book Of The Dead” is now shaping up.

The sequel to “By The Sword” has gained momentum with a couple of plot ideas, just popping in to my brain. So it is time for a feverish burst of activity to tie all these threads together and bring this up to scratch.

There are at least other stories in the embryonic stages, as well as the near-completed “Cats”.

“The dog that chases many rabbits” will catch none. But I just can’t help it. I need a lot more time to do these, to prioritise these, or to chip away at them one-by-one. I think it’ll end up being the latter! This is without all those short stories just popping up… or the Weegie Dead! More on that later….